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Rodney Stotts & Kate Pipkin

Raptors and healing

Raised in Southeast Washington, D.C., Rodney Stotts has achieved the highest level of master falconer. Stotts is an educator and the founder and director of Rodney’s Raptors. When Rodney is not on the sanctuary property located in Laurel, Maryland, he lives on seven acres in Charlotte Court House, Virginia where he is working to turn the property into a haven for underprivileged youth and anyone who is interested in learning about falconry, wildlife, and conservation. The finished project will be called Dippy’s Dream, after Rodney’s deceased mother. His work has been featured in National Geographic, NPR, and other national outlets. He is the subject of the documentary The Falconer.

The perspective from a Black Master Falconer

Kate Pipkin is a writer and editor living and working in Baltimore. She has contributed to the Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Magazine, Johns Hopkins Magazine, and more.