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Darren Naish

Crytozoology – does Bigfoot exist?

Darren is an author and palaeozoologist who works on dinosaurs, ancient sea reptiles and the flying pterosaurs. He received his PhD in palaeontology from the University of Portsmouth in 2006. He has published numerous books, mostly recently Ancient Sea Reptiles (Natural History Museum, London/Smithsonian Books) and Mesozoic Art (with Steve White, published by Bloomsbury) and he blogs at Tetrapod Zoology ( where he writes about all manner of zoological topics.

He is academically interested in the study of mystery animals, conservation biology and vertebrate evolution in general, and has published articles and books on these topics. He also works for the BBC Natural History Unit and is chief scientific consultant for the Apple TV+ series Prehistoric Planet.

Join this fascinating conversation on cryptozoology.