Wildlife where you least expect it!

Travel with The Urban Birder Tours and explore the parts of the world that perhaps you didn’t think were hot wildlife spots. Explore urban expanses that you had previously never thought that you would wander through with a pair of binoculars around your neck.

In 2018, we hope that you will explore the interesting birdlife – not forgetting other the wildlife that we will encounter in Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Scotland, Serbia, Sweden, Svalbard, Slovenia and Spain. We are also venturing back to Peru, Australia and Taiwan as well as an exciting trip to Sri Lanka!

We do hope that you will join us on one of our tours and that we will be able to open your eyes in the middle of the concrete jungle, in the middle of nowhere and back again!

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The Urban Birder Tours: Wildlife where you least expect it!



New dates coming soon…

  • Sweden
    Autumn Delights Tour
    September – October
  • Taiwan
    East Meeting West Tour
  • Northern Australia
    The Blow Your Mind Tour