The Urban Birder World Membership

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Membership Benefits

Below are just some of the perks of being a TUBW member:

  • Discounts on TUBW Tours, TUBW Courses and City Day Tours
  • Discounts on a variety of brands and products
  • Full access to ICW interviews, including Q&A
  • Access to Urban Bird Webcams and Quiet Zone
  • Download free urban birding PDF’s
  • Exclusive Competitions & giveaways
  • Exclusive webinars with David Lindo
  • Access to members only area of the TUBW website

and more…

Membership Tiers

Bronze-winged Jacana


Silvery Grebe


Golden Oriole


Also available for Institutions and organisations

Membership questions or support

Please contact Lisa, The Urban Birder World Membership Secretary:

Any other queries regarding The Urban Birder World then please contact us:

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