Our birding tours take you from the middle of the concrete jungle to the middle of nowhere and back again.

The Urban Birder Tours (TUB Tours) differ from other birding and wildlife tours in that we always include an urban birding element. Despite urban birding being in our blood we are not shy to wander into the middle of rural idylls in search of wildlife. We always try to choose destinations that are overlooked, unusual and unexpectedly rich for birding. And even with the more familiar locations, we always try to find the sites that others don’t think of or visit often. Our ethos is based on leisurely birding and certainly does not involve rushing around ticking lists and chasing after rarities. We’re into fully enjoying the wildlife that we discover and we also love having fun, soaking up the local culture. There is also a very strong conservation element too. Often within our itineraries will take the time to visit small local NGO’s carrying out vital work that is often not known about in the wider world. We will certainly always give you the conservational back stories to the places we visit and the wildlife that we encounter.

The various TUB Tours offered are all conceived, designed and organised by our TUB Tours team, but not necessarily led by David Lindo. We have a brilliant team of experienced leaders who are all experienced urban birders that know and love their birds and other wildlife. Our leaders will fully cater for you making sure that you don’t miss a feather, tuft of fur or antennae and will always lead tours at your pace putting your needs and safety first.

Where we use ground agents in other countries we personally put these companies to the test. We visit all the locations personally and do the tours ourselves to make sure that all is well. Please be assured that we consider your safety, enjoyment and peace of mind as paramount. Terms and conditions, travel insurance advice and healthcare guidance can be found within the booking details of each tour.

For flight bookings we recommend you contact our very own Sacha Barbato +44 (0)1603 360 099 – sacha.barbato@travelcounsellors.com

Working under the umbrella of the ATOL bonded Travel Counsellors he will be on hand to assist you with all aspects of your travel needs. Sacha is also a knowledgeable birder and has been working in the travel industry for over twenty years. He has personal experience of many of the destinations that TUB Tours have to offer.

He will be able to book any flight or hotel that may be required outside of our specified tour inclusions. Plus, he can also offer travel insurance if you do not already have any in place.

If you have any queries please email us at tours@theurbanbirderworld.com.

The Urban Birder Tour Team

David Lindo

The Urban Birder

David has been watching birds since the devil was a boy and spent his childhood and youth learning about the birds in his urban neighbourhood. He has now visited over 250 cities worldwide in search of birds but despite his moniker, he is equally at home on a deserted island – provided there are birds to watch!

Louise Moss

TUB Tour Leader and Co-ordinator

Louise has been a keen naturalist for all of her life and not a day goes past when she is not looking up at birds.

She co-ordinates all TUB Tours dealing with TUB Guides and ground agents from all over the world making sure that things run smoothly by the time you step of the plane to start your holiday. She is also is your first point of contact when you inquire about our tours.

Howard Vaughan

TUB Leader

Birding has been in Howard’s blood ever since picking up a pair of bins as child in 1977. Now the warden at RSPB Rainham Marshes, Howard has over 35 years of knowledge, passion and insight into birds and other wildlife both close to home and further afield.

Sacha Barbato

TUB Leader

Sacha started out seeking birds in the 80’s alongside David Lindo in the green urban patches of London. He now resides in the wilder expanses of Norfolk but has never forgotten his urban roots. He has worked in the travel industry for over twenty years and has a wealth of birding experience in over thirty countries including Madagascar, Thailand, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, throughout Europe and the Americas.