Tales from Urban Birders

Series of blogs and articles written by people about urban birds

Birding Newcastle

with Keith Gunning

Newcastle’s most famous city birds are undoubtedly the Kittiwakes that nest on the Tyne Bridge, thirteen miles from the sea. It is...

Birding in Delhi

with Paul Milne

Delhi is a huge city with a population of over 14 million people. As a birding venue the city has a remarkable number of interesting sites. In spite...

Budapest Birding

by Gerard Gorman

My local patch is an urban one and a place that I can get to in ten minutes from home... the deciduous woods of the Buda Hills. ...

Bucharest Birding

by Gerard Gorman

There can't be many European capital cities in which a Globally Threatened bird species occurs, but that is the case with Bucharest. The bird...

The American Robin

by Michael Fritz-Graham

I'll take Manhattan!... and they have, by storm and popular demand. Possibly the most famous and loved bird in the USA, the American Robin…

Chimney Swifts

by Michael Fritz-Graham

What Is That? Twittering, chattering little acrobatic cinders with wings have been swooping in and out of your chimney stack. They're not bats. ...