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Alice Tribe

Saving Malta’s Birds

Alice is a passionate environmentalist and there is nothing worse to her than the needless destruction of nature. Wildlife crime is of particular concern to Alice; in a world where many species are already facing challenges just to survive, wildlife crime is pushing countless species towards extinction.

Since 2017, Alice has been working at BirdLife Malta as their Conservation Officer, working to halt the illegal killing of birds. The task is varied but challenging; her day job may range from rescuing an injured heron from the sea, to detecting illegal bird trapping in the countryside.

Alice has seen some magnificent species up close during her time in Malta… Osprey, Greater Flamingo, Eleonora’s Falcon to name but a few, but unfortunately these birds are usually victims of illegal hunting.

However, BirdLife Malta run a bird rehabilitation centre, so one of the joys of Alice’s job is getting to release birds back into the wild… and back to where they belong!

Join Alice to hear about what it’s like to fight bird crime in Malta!