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Kirsty Franklin

Virtual bird counting

Kirsty is a 26-year-old seabird biologist and birder based in Norfolk. She is currently doing a PhD at the University of East Anglia focusing on the breeding and migration ecology of a tropical seabird found in Mauritius, known as the Round Island Petrel.

Kirsty is a keen science communicator and believes social media to not only be a powerful tool in disseminating seabird research to a wider audience, but also as a way to encourage more people to get connected with nature. As part of her PhD, Kirsty provides the opportunity for the general public to learn more about our seafaring seabirds and contribute to scientific research by counting/clicking on adults, chicks, and eggs in images through the citizen science project, Seabird Watch.

When not studying, you can find Kirsty either at the coast with a pair of binoculars round her neck, or out bird ringing.

Ornithology through the internet