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Bella Lack

Tomorrow’s conservationists

Bella is a teen conservationist who began her campaigning work at 12 years old. She became an ambassador for the Born Free Foundation, Save The Asian Elephants, RSPCA, and the Jane Goodall Institute in order to help spread the message (especially amongst the youth) around the necessity for taking action to protect our remaining wildlife. She delivers speeches in order to aid this goal including at the People’s Walk for Wildlife, the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference in 2018 and she also delivered a TEDx talk in Brighton in 2019. She worked on a Cesar nominated feature-length documentary —featuring primatologist Jane Goodall— in order to uplift solutions to the sixth mass extinction crisis.

Bella has also written a book called Children of the Anthropocene (published by Penguin in June 2022). It highlights the youth who are combatting the environmental crisis feeling a need to focus on the path ahead and to create a new narrative rather than just rail against the current situation.

Bella co-founded the Reserva Youth Council in early 2019 and in 2021 was Co-Chair of the Civil Society and Youth Advisory Council for COP26.

Children of the Anthropocene