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Ollie Olanipekin & Nadeem Perera

Flock Together!

FLOCK TOGETHER is a bird gang devised by founders Ollie Olanipekin and Nadeem Perera to help combat the underrepresentation of black and other people of colour in nature. Their movement has garnered a lot of interest particularly amongst the general media.

Ollie is a 36 year old Creative Director from North-East London. He is the founder of award winning creative agency Superimpose/Futurimpose. Ollie has helped a number of global brands stay relevant to younger audiences. Ollie is also a mentor and associate lecturer at UAL where he is working to create smoother pathways into the creative industry for the next generation of “non traditional” creatives. All Ollie’s work has heavy social responsibility at its core.

Nadeem is a 26 year old Youth Sports Coach in North East London. He’s loved nature from a very early age and has been a serious birdwatcher for well over a decade. His work finds him at the heart of East London communities through sports and other work within schools and centres. Nadeem has overcome huge mental roadblocks and trauma through his relationship with the natural world.

Tune in to hear the guys prospectives on the lack of ethnic diversity in nature.