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Professor Frank Rennie

The secret life of the Corncrake

Frankie is Professor of Sustainable Rural Development at the University of the Highlands and Islands in Scotland where he lives and works in the Outer Hebrides. Initially a geologist, he has pioneered the delivery of online education, primarily in sustainable rural development subjects and digital literacy.

His main research interests lie in digital educational approaches to make good science more accessible. He has been an advisor to several government bodies and is a Fellow of seven learned societies. Frank continues to supervise research students and has been involved in developing and delivering various combinations of distributed learning opportunities and Open Educational Resources (particularly networked digital solutions for rural areas with international partners). He has published a diverse range of resources related to the natural environment, social development, and cultural aspects of rural issues, including over 36 books and e-textbooks.

Further details: Contact or follow @frankrennie on Twitter

Today, he will be talking about the lifecycle of the little-known Corncrake