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Killian Mullarney

The making of the birders bible – Collins Bird Guide 3rd edition

Killian is considered one of the most accomplished bird-artists of our time, specialising in in field-guide illustration and design of plates. He has been involved in all aspects of the Collins Bird Guide from the very start and his ongoing ambition to achieve comprehensive treatment for all species is inspired by his exceptional field experience, both at home and abroad. His renowned expertise in bird identification served him well during the almost three decades he was a member of the Irish Rare Birds Committee and he is frequently consulted by rarities committees and individuals around the world to advise on identification issues.

He co-authored (with Peter Grant) the influential New Approach to Bird Identification, has published many articles in well respected magazines such as British Birds, Birding World and Dutch Birding and his contributions feature strongly in most of The Sound Approach titles.

He lives with his wife and three daughters in Wexford, Ireland where an abundance of wildfowl, seabirds, terns, gulls and waders provides a rich source of inspiration and learning.

A rare interview with a rare man!