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Alison Steadman

Speaking with a National Treasure

Since childhood I have been interested in birds and wildlife. My family encouraged me to watch and listen. Although I grew up in the city of Liverpool my garden and the local recreation field were so important up me. I still love watching the birds feeding in my garden. I often listen to birdsong and it always calms me. On my daily walks I look out for fungi. I’m fascinated by it. Suddenly finding new fungi makes me so happy. Fly agaric is one of my favourites.

Our planet is our home. Our only home and we should care for it and protect it. I’m sad that insect and bird numbers have declined. We must teach children the joy of nature, and that we as humans are important but that wildlife is important too.

I constantly want to learn more bird species. I live a busy life, but always find time to watch the birds feeding in my garden. They feel like my friends.

A few years ago a Blackbird with a white circle on each cheek visited our garden regularly. I loved knowing it was the same bird and was sad when after two years he was no longer around. The following year another Blackbird starting to visit who had a sprinkle of white through his coat. I liked to think he was related to ‘White Cheeks’.

I sometimes record birdsong on my phone or iPad. I love listening back to it. Even with the hum of the busy city in the background it calms me and the birdsong dominates.

I am grateful to my Aunt and my two grandmothers who taught me to love nature. I hope to pass this on to my grandson.

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