For Simon Tonkin and Niki Williamson, work together in farmland bird conservation led to involvement with exciting projects in sustainable agriculture in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Senegal and The Gambia. Seeing first-hand the challenges faced by migratory birds instilled in them a deep passion for the epic spectacle of migration.

A desire to experience and show others this spectacle while improving the lot of avian travellers inspired them to found the Inglorious Bustards – an eco-tourism company based in southern Spain, right at the epicentre of the East Atlantic Flyway and, from a migrating raptor’s point of view, surely the centre of the world!

From this magical place they take pride in introducing their guests to the concept of #FlywayBirding, taking people on a journey along the whole East Atlantic Flyway, through Europe, North Africa and south of the Sahara. By supporting local conservation projects and sustainable local businesses and food, and eliminating the negative impacts of travel, they ensure true eco-tourism creates positive change for nature in their destinations, through their #FlywayPromise.

Join us to chat about their pioneering approach to eco-tourism, and of course about the outstanding birding they see along the way!