Milan Ružić became interesting in birds since his early childhood but his real birding and research started in 2001. He was first involved with the Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia (BirdLife Serbia) as a member in 2003 and is now the Executive Director.

Milan completed his studies in Veterinary Medicine at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad. He is the author/co-author of more than 100 scientific articles published in Serbia and abroad, co-author of three books and author of a large number of popular texts.

Milan’s main interest are owls – their ecology and conservation, as well as avian ecotoxicology and parasitology. During the past two decades of conservation work Milan has been engaged in dozens of research and conservation projects some of which included investigating and combating wildlife crime.

Since 2009, Milan is one of the editors of the popular bird and nature lovers’ magazine “Detlić” (Woodpecker) the only natural history magazine in Serbia.

He lives in Novi Sad and is the father of two children.

We will be talking about the avian phenomenon that unique to Serbia – it’s incredible number of Long-eared Owls that choose to winter there. The country is the best place on the planet to see owls!