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Elle Kaye

The A-Z of modern bird taxidermy

Elle is a professional bird taxidermist and educator from the United Kingdom. She only works with animals that die of natural causes. She has been featured across many mainstream news outlets worldwide for her taxidermy work.

She is a keen birdwatcher and conservationist and sees her work as a contribution towards taxonomy and the preservation of our species. She is devoted to protecting wildlife through all that she does and sees her work as an essential contribution to conservation, that through education, can lead to tangible outreach.

Her podcast, Specimens, is her attempt to open the dialogue about our planet and the ways we can help to protect it. It is also making space for under-represented or misunderstood roles within science with an emphasis on roles centering around conservation and preservation.

This conversation will be the perfect venue to ask all the questions about taxidermy that you always wanted to ask!