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Khwankhao Sinhaseni

Protecting the Spoonbill Sandpiper in Thailand

“Kimmim” is a conservation manager and a director of the Bird Conservation Society of Thailand (BCST) a partner of BirdLife in Thailand. She is currently doing a PhD at Griffith University in Australia and her research topic is the value of pollination services on tropical fruit production.

BCST conduct many conservation projects surrounding migratory shorebirds including a focus on the species protection, population monitoring and habitat management of endangered shorebirds such as the Spoonbill Sandpiper, Spotted (Naumann’s) Greenshank. Moreover, her NGO has purchased the land at Pak Thale, Petchaburi for shorebird habitat protection and is one of the first areas in Thailand to be protected by a conservation NGO.

The conservation of migratory shorebirds