Wendy Clark

The Birding World’s Wonder Woman

Wendy is a career communications and marketing specialist and has focused her efforts on the bird watching, conservation, and eco-tourism industries since 2008. She currently is the President and Publisher of Bird Watcher’s Digest and its sister publication Watching Backyard Birds. She also owns and operates Redstart Birding, a birding optics and gear retail company for bird watchers, and Reader Rendezvous Birding Tours which hosts birding tours across the US and around the world.

She and her “dream team” of twelve staff members also produce two successful podcasts, two eNewsletters, specialize in digital marketing and social media outreach. They host bird watching events for the global birding and ecotourism industries, serve as a leading advertising agency and marketing resource in their niche birding market plus give talks and tours at birding festivals and events around the world.

Wendy is a passionate bird watcher, a songwriter and musician, loves to cook, a tennis player and a confessed people-person. She has three grown children, two daughters-in-law, two grandchildren and an 18 month-old, 75-pound Borador puppy named Brian. Wendy lives in historic Marietta, Ohio, USA, the home of Bird Watcher’s Digest since 1978.

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