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Diversity and our relationship with nature during the coronavirus pandemic

As the Green Party’s first MP, Caroline has represented Brighton Pavilion since 2010. Previously she served as an MEP for 11 years, and as an Oxfordshire councillor. She has also been elected both as the Party Leader and its Co-Leader, with Jonathan Bartley.

She is Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Climate Change, Co-Chair of the group on Fuel Poverty, and Vice Chair of Parliamentary Groups on Animal Welfare, Public and Commercial Services and Sustainable Housing. She is also a member of Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee and co-chair of IPPR’s Environmental Justice Commission.

Caroline has consistently been voted the UK’s most ethical politician, and has won awards for her work on tackling social exclusion, wildlife protection, and women’s rights, and is in the Environment Agency’s Top 100 Eco-Heroes of all time. Her book, Honourable Friends: Parliament and the fight for change makes a passionate case for parliamentary reform.

Join David and Caroline in conversation about making a change, diversity and our future relationship with nature.