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Nicholas Barbara and Alice Tribe

Protecting migrating birds in Malta

Alice Tribe and Nicholas Barbara are staff members of BirdLife Malta’s Conservation team. They are both motivated by the same goal: to stop, or at least reduce, the illegal killing of birds. Persecution of protected species continues to be an ongoing problem across the Maltese Islands and certain species are targeted for specific reasons. For example, rare visitors may be targeted specifically for taxidermy reasons, meanwhile finches may be caught for the pet trade, and so on.

During this webinar, Alice and Nicholas will be focusing on the spring hunting season where only two species are legal to hunt: the Common Quail and European Turtle Dove. This is despite both species experiencing an overall decline in population size across their ranges. The main reason why these birds are shot is to be eaten.

Alice and Nicholas will be talking about recent events and what is being done by BirdLife Malta to try and protect birds that are migrating north to their breeding grounds.

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