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Dave Gandy

The Birds of Bangkok

Dave Gandy left the UK on a one-way ticket in 2002 to travel the Asia-Pacific “for a year or so”. Nineteen years on and he’s still in Asia; based in Bangkok, Thailand and birding urban migrant hotspots where a myriad of “Sibes” abound, and within an hour’s drive of mythical Spoon-billed Sandpiper’s wintering grounds.

Whilst Bangkok might seem like the archetypal steaming Asian metropolis it still hosts some secret wildlife gems with Yellow-breasted Buntings near the main international airport and Eden’s Whales easily seen on a day trip that might also produce frigatebirds and Aleutian Terns.

Dave will take us on a virtual tour of the wildlife that can be found in and around Thailand’s capital city.

Join Dave Gandy for a virtual urban birding tour around Bangkok