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Managing a nature reserve

It wasn’t always about birds and conservation with Lizzie as that came whilst she was at university switching degrees from Psychology to Ecology and Conservation at the University of St Andrews. Here her eyes were opened to the wonders of bird migration but also the threats they faced. To explore this further Lizzie completed an MSc Wildlife Biology at Edinburgh Napier University and volunteered with Birdlife Malta at their autumn raptor camps.Becoming a conservation intern for the RSPB Lizzie discovered the vital role natures reserves play in not only protecting our wildlife but also in connecting people with nature.

Today Lizzie is an experienced nature reserve warden for the RSPB and can currently be found on the Norfolk coast managing Titchwell Marsh and Snettisham Nature Reserves. Lizzie served as a committee member for Spurn Bird Observatory Trust between 2016 and 2020 and currently sits on the Board of Directors for British Birds.

Lizzie tells us what it is like to run a nature reserve.