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JB eagerly combines her passions for extreme birding, field studies, outdoor education and detailed scientific illustration into a truly “wild” career. Her illustrations have appeared widely in birding journals and magazines, and she has written and illustrated six field guides in The Fascinated Naturalist Guides series.

Her over-the-top enthusiasm and passion for studying the natural world is rivaled only by her knack for portraying it through her artwork and interpreting it to others through natural history education programs as a Naturalist for 15 years with Cleveland Metroparks.

Currently residing in Cleveland, Ohio she spreads the joy of urban and local patch birding, and runs thrilling boat trips on the open waters of Lake Erie seeking rarities left and right. A veteran of big days and big years, JB has participated in the World Series of Birding, the Great Texas Birding Classic, the Montezuma Muckrace, and three excruciatingly intense and record-setting big years in her home county. JB is a rarity-finding machine and is forever obsessed with hawk watching and sea watching. Admiration and respect for birds runs deep through her blood.

She is honored and humbled to take a stand for bird conservation and education with her every last breath.