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A woman in Natural History

From ‘maggot farming’ to television presenting, biologist and BBC Springwatch presenter, Gillian Burke shares her love of the natural world through film and enjoys the challenge of showcasing the animals most people love to hate.Along with the BBC’S Watches strand, her film credits hint at her reputation for championing the outcasts of the animal kingdom – from Ultimate Guide to Spiders & Ants for Discovery Channel; to King Cobra! & Anaconda! for Animal Planet’s Snakemaster series; to the ground-breaking, and one of the highest grossing IMAX films to date, Bugs! 3D – literally as big as it gets for a film about insects.

Gillian may be passionate about the natural world, but is increasingly curious and drawn to human stories of behaviour change. As a science communicator and environmentalist, reporting on conservation success stories as evidence for hope and positive change, is the hallmark of her environmental reporting.

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