With Frankfurt covered it was time to move onto my next destination, Wuppertal. This is another city that is seemingly unknown outside of Germany. But it is world renowned for its unique suspension railway – the Wuppertal Schwebebahn ‘floating railway’. It also has the distinction of being Germany’s greenest city. Thus, why was I not surprised to learn that it is also one of the country’s wettest cities!

One thing was for sure there were certainly very few urban birders in residence. In fact, there is not even a city list. No one really has a good idea as to what birds occur. Seeing as Wuppertal is so wooded I saw some of the usual woodland birds to be encountered in the region. Birds like Spotted Flycatcher, Common Redstart and Common Buzzards drifting over the treetops were much in evidence. And along the Wupper River that runs through the city were Grey Wagtail and the occasional Eurasian Dipper.

The big surprise was the fact that Wuppertal is supposedly full of Eagle Owls. But could I see one?

My final stop on my road trip was the fine arty city of Berlin. Another green city and another German city with an amazing credential: it is the world capital for Northern Goshawks. There are more Goshawks in this city than any other city in the world!

Over 120 pairs nest within the city limits yet despite their sometimes vociferous presence, the average Berliner is seemingly totally oblivious of their existence.

I had a fab time in Austria, Switzerland and Germany and I look forward to returning in April 2018 for the actual book launch tour.

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