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Martin and Claudia Kelsey welcome you to their country guesthouse in the heart of Extremadura, one of Europe’s top birding destinations. We have provided accommodation for birders from all over the world since 2005.

The choice is yours: Bed and Breakfast, evening meals and nature guided day trips.

We also offer:

  • Free expert advice on where to find the birds you want to see
  • Home cooking and comfort, with flexible mealtimes to fit your birding schedule
  • Help accessing other birding services such as guided trips, hides for photography

We can cater for all dietary needs and source as much as possible local products, as well as using what we can produce ourselves, such as olive oil and vegetables.

All of the main birding sites in Extremadura are within easy reach, as are the beautiful historic towns of Trujillo, Cáceres, Mérida and Guadalupe.

List of local wildlife

Extremadura offers some of the most spectacular birding experiences in Europe.

In winter the region has the highest bird species richness of anywhere in Spain, thanks to the relatively mild weather and abundance of food for birds. This attracts huge numbers of birds from northern and eastern Europe: waterbirds, Common Crane, birds of prey and small birds, like finches, larks and pipits. It is also the best time of the year to see some of the resident species well, like sandgrouse, Stone Curlew and Black-winged Kite. The surprising diversity of landscapes means that in a week’s holiday different habitats can be explored each day, adding to the richness of the experience.

Spring in Extremadura offers one of the most exciting and memorable wildlife experiences in Europe. Thanks to its low human population density and still largely traditional land use, there is plenty of space for nature. Furthermore, the surprising diversity of landscapes means that in a holiday different habitats can be explored each day, open plains, dehesa, mountains, heathland, river valleys and wetlands. Depending on the spring migration, the abundance of a few of the species may vary during this period. There will also be opportunities for looking for orchids, butterflies and dragonflies

List of nearby wildlife spots

Casa Rural El Recuerdo is an ideal base from which to visit many of Extremadura’s finest attractions. We are within easy reach of all the main habitat types, supporting the rich diversity of birds which makes Extremadura unique. Our location is also perfect for combining birding with some sight-seeing and culture:

  • Trujillo and Belen planes
  • Cáceres and the planes
  • Monfrague National Park
  • Geopark Villuercas
  • Guadalupe
  • Alcollarín, Arrocampo, Campolugar
  • Mérida


  • Double rooms

    from 70 Euros per night

  • For guiding trips contact by email



  • Pago de San Clemente

    Aguaperal Nº 8
    10220 Trujillo
    Cáceres – Extremadura – Spain

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