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Steve was born and raised in Tewkesbury, England and became a prolific local patch birder (Bredons Hardwick, Worcs) as well as twitching throughout the UK amassing over 450 species. He moved to Chicago, Illinois in 2000 and is now part of the Illinois birding community. Living in Lincoln Park, Chicago, he birds daily at my new local patch, North Pond – a true Urban birding locale with his dog Stella. He is able to enjoy the great avian migrations that occur annually in the Chicago and NW Indiana areas including hawkwatching from the roof deck of his building in the fall.

Shorebirds are a favorite of his but searching through any flock of birds for something different is something he finds very rewarding. He is also a tour leader and an avid World Birder, traveling wherever he can to find new birds and enjoying new cultures. After his most recent trip to Ecuador his world list hovers close to 4500 species… and he always looks forward to more.

Tonight, Steve discusses urban birding in the Chicago area