The Urban Birder Course

New Course dates coming soon


Watching birds in urban areas is far easier than what you may have imaged. There is more out there than just pigeons. Nearly 400 species have been found within the London area and some sites can boast in excess of 120 species annually. Birds are everywhere, even in the heart of the concrete jungle. The knack is learning how to notice and eventually recognise the birds that share our urban lives.

The Urban Birder Course will be an introduction to appreciating the abundant birdlife in our urban areas. It will cover the definition of an urban bird, recognition techniques and tips on attracting birds into your garden.

Above all it will be fun, irreverent, factual and educational.

All components of this course will be held outdoors in the field so please dress accordingly.

The topics that will be covered include

Bird identification: recognising the usual suspects in urban areas.

Becoming a garden birder: what food to provide and how, what flora to establish and where to place nest boxes.

Optical equipment: how to use binoculars, when to use telescopes and basic wildlife photography tips with a recognised wildlife photographer.

Fieldcraft: how to actually watch birds in the field and what to wear whilst doing it.

Finding a local patch: how to identify good urban habitats and recording the birds you discover.

Urban bird migration: learning about the reasons why birds migrate.

We will also cover twitching, note taking and urban birding abroad.

By the end of this course you will be instinctively find yourself connecting with nature in any urban area.

New Course dates coming soon