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The Godfather of all Bird Fairs speaks!

Tim started a lifetime career in conservation working for Sir Peter Scott at the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust in 1970. He moved to Rutland in 1975 to start the creation of a nature reserve around the new reservoir that was still under construction. That reservoir, for which he later became Reserve Manager, was the world famous Rutland Water, that went on to become the location of the British Bird Watching Fair.He orchestrated the reintroduction of Ospreys to England at the reserve with the first pair breeding in 2001. The last record in England was 150 years ago and now pairs are slowly colonising the rest of England and Wales. Tim started the Birdfair at Rutland in 1989, which has become a world leader and inspired bird fairs across the globe. Birdfair has raised more than £5m for Birdlife International conservation projects with BirdLife International using the money to raise a further £35m!!

In 2017, Tim retired as the Reserve Manager having taken the reputation of Rutland Water to international status. He travels globally to lecture at bird fairs, lead birding groups and to work with tourism boards to promote good sustainable eco tourism.

Tim has been awarded an MBE and the Christopher Cadbury Conservation medal.