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Join the creator of welded sculptures of wildlife

Harriet is an award-winning sculptor who uses found objects to create welded sculptures of wildlife. The influence of her late father, the ornithologist, author and broadcaster, Chris Mead, meant it was probably inevitable that she should take an interest in natural history and use it in her work.Her unique sculptures are made of old tools and agricultural scrap and are in museums and private collections around the world. She was elected a member of the Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA) almost 20 years ago and has been the current president for the last ten years. During her time at the helm of the SWLA, Harriet has worked to broaden their audience and to shrug off the negative connotations of wildlife art. She has strengthened the SWLA’s relationships with conservation organisations with several key projects taking place over the last few years including The Flight Lines Project with the British Trust for Ornithology looking at the story of migration, and the on going Wadden Sea Project in the UNESCO World Heritage site in Denmark.

Harriet has worked on various projects with the prestigious Artists for Nature Foundation, travelling with other internationally renowned wildlife artists to areas of conservation concern to create work in response to the site. She is on the steering group of New Networks for Nature – a broad alliance of scientists, conservationists, writers, musicians, artists and academics who in their personal and professional lives draw creative inspiration from the wildlife and landscapes of this country. New Networks endeavours to champion our national heritage and also to explore the different media through which it can be understood, represented and celebrated. Their annual symposium brings this network together and creates an opportunity for collaborations and productive links between individuals and organisations and a chance to look at the wider issues such as the low priority placed nationally and politically on the natural world.

Harriet resides in rural Norfolk.

Join the creator of welded sculptures of wildlife.