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Celina Chien

Decolonising Conservation

Celina is an intersectional wildlife conservationist, combining her roles as an ecologist, photojournalist and storyteller to defend biodiversity in the age of the Anthropocene. She uses photography to expose the ongoing assault on the natural world, rekindle love and reciprocity for nature, and ultimately galvanise people to protect our planet’s irreplaceable biodiversity.

Celina cares deeply about the integration of protecting the environment, standing up for racial justice and the empowerment of women and girls, and is dedicated to the necessary alliance of these movements to help safeguard a better future for the natural world.

She has a BSc in Biological Sciences and is now doing an MRes in Tropical Forest Ecology at Imperial College London. With environmental stories to tell, a camera in hand and the scientific literacy to interpret the latest conservation research, Celina’s work has taken her across the globe’s tropical regions, documenting issues spanning from the challenges facing endangered biodiversity in ever-shrinking habitats to the illegal wildlife trade.

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