Antarctica Peninsula with Wildfoot Travel

Penguins, Cetaceans & Spectacular Scenery

Often seen as the final frontier, Antarctica is beyond description. It will be what you imagined and totally unexpected at the same time. Situated at the bottom of the world it is the planet’s most southerly continent, totally isolated and completely surrounded by the Southern Ocean. Indeed, it is the fifth largest continent (twice the size of Australia) but the least visited with roughly 35,000 visitors annually.

During the austral spring and summer Antarctica is home to a multitude of life ranging from the trillions of krill that inhabit the sea providing the plentiful food sources for many species of fish and cetaceans including the world’s largest, the Blue Whale. Seals and sea lions proliferate whilst penguins, the continent’s archetypal birds, are commonplace.

Tour overview

Prepare to have your mind blown. That would be the best sentence to describe this tour. It will be a once in a lifetime journey encompassing some urban birding in Ushuaia and Punta Arenas, navigating the Beagle Channel whilst watching for seabirds and visiting the legendary Cape Horn.

We then cross the infamous Drakes Passage. This two day open sea crossing can be one of two things: rough or not so rough. But worry not as there be plenty of things to do to take your mind off being sea sick including watching for cetaceans and the plentiful seabirds that will include several species of albatross, shearwaters, petrels and terns.

Finally, we will finally arrive at Antarctica where we will spend eight days marveling at the scenery and incredible wildlife, going on zodiac cruises and making landfall on the continent – weather permitting.

Expected birds

Magellanic Penguin, Chinstrap Penguin, Gentoo Penguin, Adelie Penguin, Wandering Albatross, Southern Royal Albatross, Light-mantled Sooty Albatross, Grey-headed Albatross, Black-browed Albatross, Southern Giant Petrel, White-chinned Petrel, Sooty Petrel, Antarctic Petrel, Blue Petrel, Cape Petrel, Southern Fulmar, Wilson’s Storm-petrel, Black-bellied Storm-petrel, Rock Cormorant, Blue-eyed Cormorant, Imperial Cormorant, Chimango Caracara, Pale-faced Sheathbill, Chilean Skua, Kelp Gull, Dolphin Gull, South American Tern, Antarctic Tern.


South American Sea Lion, Antarctic Fur Seal, Peale’s Dolphin, Blue Whale, Fin Whale, Antarctic Minke Whale, Orca.

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1 December 2017 to 15 December 2017

This memorable experience could be all yours from £8,079 per person excludes flights

Led by David Lindo

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