Yoga for Birders



Join movement specialist and teacher trainer ALEXA GARSIDE for her course about helping you feel amazing in your body, clear headed and focused mentally, and ready to connect to nature.

This three week course will give you tools to help your body and mind perform at their best.

  • Week 1:

    We will explore the physical body and how to get rid of aches and pains, strengthen the weaker areas and feel comfortable and relaxed in your skin. The exercises are suitable for anyone and will give you some insight into what your body needs to feel good when you’re out and about birding, and all of the time in-between!

  • Week 2:

    Most of us struggle to focus and relax. The mind is like a monkey jumping from one thing to the next, and it’s hard to stay in the task at hand. This week we will look at different meditation techniques from all different backgrounds so that we can find the one that works for you. Just like practicing riding a bike, when we find a technique that works for us, practicing will make us clear headed and focused for longer periods of time. (As well as improving our all round happiness!) Brilliant for birding and being outside!

  • Week 3:

    Finally we will explore these two things together, and discover how it can connect us to nature. The better we understand ourselves, the better we realise how we are part of nature, and how nature is part of us!
    Quicken your reflexes, sharpen your senses, and be the best version of you.


  • Wednesday 10 November 6 – 7pm GMT
  • Wednesday 17 November 6 – 7pm GMT
  • Wednesday 24 November 6 – 7pm GMT


for the three sessions

  • £45 — non-members
  • £43.65 — Bronze-winged Jacana members (3% discount)
  • £42.75 — Silvery Grebe members (5% discount)
  • £40.50 — Golden Oriole members (10% discount)

Price: £45 per person

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Alexa Garside has been working in health and fitness for 14 years full time. She has worked as a personal trainer and body worker, run her own studios, and teaches all kinds of movement from martial arts to swimming. She currently runs Yoga and Pilates teacher trainings, retreats and workshops and teaches all over the world. She has trainings from many different backgrounds under her belt, blending ancient eastern philosophies, with western medicine and science.