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Paul Brock

A concise look at Britain’s Insects

Paul D. Brock is an entomologist and a scientific associate at the Natural History Museum in London. Insects have always fascinated him. He is most at home in the field spending much of his time watching and studying insects in great detail in order to learn more about them, and to record their behaviour on camera.

Careers in banking (more than 25 years) and as a Business Manager in a busy Primary School in Slough did not stop him studying insects, writing books and numerous papers! He retired early in 2008 to roam the delightful New Forest in Hampshire, England.

He is an author of several books on insect and a widely published photographer. His latest title, Britain’s Insects (Princeton/WILDGuides) published in 2021, was written to help others identify and appreciate insects. He is a world authority on stick and leaf insects with a genus and several species named after him.

In 2018 he won the Zoological Society of London’s Stamford Raffles Award for significant contributions to Entomology, also the J.O. Westwood Medal with three colleagues for a taxonomic paper on stick insects.

A close-up view of insects