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Charlie Corbett

12 Birds To save Your Life

Charlie is the author of 12 Birds to Save your Life, a book about discovering the healing power of nature through the captivating stories of twelve birds. From solitary skylarks to squabbling sparrows, he explores their place in our history and culture, and ultimately shows us just how life-changing his decision was to reconnect with the natural world all around him.

Charlie comes from a family of livestock and arable farmers and spent his childhood divided between farms on the North Wessex Downs and The Isle of Mull. He now lives at the foot of the Pewsey Downs in Wiltshire with a field full of skylarks. 12 Birds to Save Your Life is published on 10th June and has been praised by nature writer Raynor Winn, “a lyrical and life-affirming book that teaches us as much about birds as it does ourselves – a balm for the soul.”

The Healing Power of Nature