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Ajay Tegala

Confessions of a Nature Ranger

Ajay is a wildlife presenter, conservationist, countryside ranger, naturalist, author and voice-over artist. He has a degree in Environmental Conservation and a decade of experience working in nature conservation.

Growing up in East Anglia, Ajay initially became interested in wetland birds. As a teenager, he volunteered at his local nature reserves, which inspired him to follow a career in nature conservation. Through his career, Ajay went on to work with seabirds, in particular terns, studying their breeding behaviour and contributing to national monitoring programmes. He has also studied wildflowers and seals, managing England’s largest Grey Seal colony during a period of rapid population growth.

He presents BBC Two’s groundbreaking documentary Inside the Bat Cave alongside Lucy Cooke and Prof Kate Jones and has chalked-up numerous television appearances including the popular BBC nature programmes Countryfile, Coast, Winterwatch and a live appearance on Springwatch: Unsprung.

Ajay has written a book about his experiences as a countryside ranger on Britain’s first coastal reserve, Blakeney Point in north Norfolk. This is also the subject of his first book which gives an insight into his unique experiences protecting wildlife on a remote stretch of England’s east coast. Ajay has previously worked as reserve manager at Lindisfarne in Northumberland. He currently works at Wicken Fen, Britain’s very first nature reserve, alongside 50 Highland cattle and over 100 Konik ponies.

In his spare time, Ajay conducts wildlife surveys on farmland in the Norfolk Broads, championing and monitoring the success of habitat creation for nature on farms.

Being a countryside ranger