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Mallorca Birding – part two

The Balearic Warbler singing its scratchy song from atop a coastal boulder was definitely one of the incredible images etched into my memory from my trip to Mallorca...
19 July, 2017/by DMF

Mallorca Birding – part one

"The war-ah in Majorka don't taste like what it ough-ah" was probably the phrase that first introduced me to Mallorca as a youngster...
14 June, 2017/by DMF

Chile Coastal Birding

I have recently returned from an amazing trip to Antarctica onboard MS Midnatsol operated by Hurtigruten. However, I began and ended...
29 March, 2017/by DMF

South Gare, Cleveland

The UK is a beautiful place. Let me go on record for saying that. And it’s not just the classic beauty spots that I’m referring to but...
21 March, 2017/by DMF

Champions of The Flyway 2016

On March 29th I was involved in this year's Champions of The Flyway bird race held in Southern Israel. The whole idea was to raise money towards…
27 April, 2016/by DMF

Undiscovered Owls – A Sound Approach Guide

For once, I'm not on the pulse of modern day publishing as this book was originally launched a year ago. Indeed, I attended the launch...
4 March, 2016/by DMF

Waiting for spring in Mérida

So far, I have been spending a fair amount of time in Extremadura, Spain and in particular it's capital city, Mérida. I have a lot of familiarity with the city...
2 March, 2016/by DMF

La Barrosa, nr Cádiz, Andalucia

Took a brief afternoon stroll around a section of La Barrosa - an extensive and protected salt marsh. The weather was pretty dull, windy with…
14 February, 2016/by DMF

Pompey Birding

Today, I was spending time in Portsmouth, Hampshire a city that I have birded in before a few years ago. I took a random walk along...
16 January, 2016/by DMF

Marsh Harrier on my Mérida patch

Yesterday, I discovered a Marsh Harrier harrassing the local Black-headed Gulls and Coots whilst I stood on the Roman Bridge. It was always just…
28 December, 2015/by DMF

Storks over my head

A late afternoon walk along the Roman Bridge under ladened skies produced a low flying Stork.
28 December, 2015/by DMF

Bat Patch – Mérida, Extremadura

Every day I seem to be seeing additions to my growing Mérida list. But I wasn't expecting to see a bat hunting in broad daylight...
25 December, 2015/by DMF

Pied Wagtail in Mérida

Whilst birding from the Roman Bridge I came across a Pied Wagtail feeding around a floating island of debris vegetation. Then two things struck...
25 December, 2015/by DMF

Merry Christmas from Extremadura

Merry christmas all!!
25 December, 2015/by DMF

Urban birding Mérida, Extremadura

For the next few weeks I have switched location from Wormwood Scrubs, West London to Mérida, the principle city of Extremadura, Spain. It's all…
18 December, 2015/by DMF

Serbia – The Final Countdown

What a fantastic trip to Northern Serbia! Everyone on the tour had an amazing time so roll on next year! In the meantime, here's the list of species…
17 December, 2015/by DMF

Serbia Winter Owl Tour 2015 – Day 3

Yet more owls today watched by a very appreciative group. We also saw another Wild Cat, this time an adult male. Plus at sunset we watched...
2 December, 2015/by DMF

Serbia Winter Owl Tour 2015 – Day 2

Today was a largely grey day with a few spots of rain but that did nothing to dampen spirits. Along with a showy Great Grey Shrike we saw Great Egret,…
1 December, 2015/by DMF
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