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Faroe Islands, Spring 2017

This was an intriguing visit to a very contentious destination. Belonging to Denmark, the Faroe Islands are an archipelago of 18 islands halfway between Norway and Iceland, some...
20 November, 2017/by DMF

TUB Tour Report. Extremadura Autumn 2017

The team had arrived promptly by midday at Madrid airport and so, ahead of schedule, we set off around the Madrid ring road before heading onto the motorway towards Extremadura...
6 November, 2017/by DMF

Sierra Grande de Hornachos

One of the great things about birding in Extremadura, Spain is the incredible number of different sites within which to spend hours birding. It is a region the size of Wales that...
2 November, 2017/by DMF

Mallorca Birding – part three

The final part of my birding extravaganza on Mallorca involved twitching some reported Red-footed Falcons that were hanging out with a couple of Lesser Kestrels in...
2 November, 2017/by DMF

Mallorca Birding – part two

The Balearic Warbler singing its scratchy song from atop a coastal boulder was definitely one of the incredible images etched into my memory from my trip to Mallorca...
19 July, 2017/by DMF

Mallorca Birding – part one

"The war-ah in Majorka don't taste like what it ough-ah" was probably the phrase that first introduced me to Mallorca as a youngster...
14 June, 2017/by DMF

Chile Coastal Birding

I have recently returned from an amazing trip to Antarctica onboard MS Midnatsol operated by Hurtigruten. However, I began and ended...
29 March, 2017/by DMF

South Gare, Cleveland

The UK is a beautiful place. Let me go on record for saying that. And it’s not just the classic beauty spots that I’m referring to but...
21 March, 2017/by DMF

Champions of The Flyway 2016

On March 29th I was involved in this year's Champions of The Flyway bird race held in Southern Israel. The whole idea was to raise money towards…
27 April, 2016/by DMF

Undiscovered Owls – A Sound Approach Guide

For once, I'm not on the pulse of modern day publishing as this book was originally launched a year ago. Indeed, I attended the launch...
4 March, 2016/by DMF

Waiting for spring in Mérida

So far, I have been spending a fair amount of time in Extremadura, Spain and in particular it's capital city, Mérida. I have a lot of familiarity with the city...
2 March, 2016/by DMF

La Barrosa, nr Cádiz, Andalucia

Took a brief afternoon stroll around a section of La Barrosa - an extensive and protected salt marsh. The weather was pretty dull, windy with…
14 February, 2016/by DMF

Pompey Birding

Today, I was spending time in Portsmouth, Hampshire a city that I have birded in before a few years ago. I took a random walk along...
16 January, 2016/by DMF

Marsh Harrier on my Mérida patch

Yesterday, I discovered a Marsh Harrier harrassing the local Black-headed Gulls and Coots whilst I stood on the Roman Bridge. It was always just…
28 December, 2015/by DMF

Storks over my head

A late afternoon walk along the Roman Bridge under ladened skies produced a low flying Stork.
28 December, 2015/by DMF

Bat Patch – Mérida, Extremadura

Every day I seem to be seeing additions to my growing Mérida list. But I wasn't expecting to see a bat hunting in broad daylight...
25 December, 2015/by DMF

Pied Wagtail in Mérida

Whilst birding from the Roman Bridge I came across a Pied Wagtail feeding around a floating island of debris vegetation. Then two things struck...
25 December, 2015/by DMF

Merry Christmas from Extremadura

Merry christmas all!!
25 December, 2015/by DMF
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